Lifting and Transport Device for Submersible Motor Pumps

Lifting Device to transport, lower down and lift out submersible motor pumps of type ER4-T. Available in two different designs for connection to a frontloader (Euro style) or equipped with forklift pockets to be picked up by a forklift. The pump is positioned above the pit opening with the frontloader or the forklift on top of the concrete pit cover. An easy lowering down of the pump is achieved with the manual winch or with the electric winch.

Typical Fields of Application

  • mobile use and operation of submersible motor pumps at different pits and tanks

Standard Delivery

  • with winch and stainless steel cable
lifting device steel, galvanized
cable stainless steel
lifting device for submersible motor pumps
lifting device for submersible motor pumps Order No
Lifting device for frontloaders 68-19-050
Lifting device for forklifts 68-19-055

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