Submersible pumps

Specification Submersible Pump ER4-T O

ER4-type submersible pump with suction direction top-down into the volute. Motor protection class IP68. Available with electric motors from 15kW up to 22kW power. Equipped with a large oil reservoir, double sealed (2 x mechanical seal). 

All ER4-type submersible pumps include sensors for leakage control as well as temperature probes. Connection and usage of the leakage sensor and the temperature probe is possible with special starters for submersible pumps (see page 47). Warranty is only effective when used in combination with these special starters. 

The basic unit is the bare pump. Equipment for 4 different layouts is available (according to the type of application)

ER4-T Installation A, Flexible Installation

  • Pump on pedestal ring with hose connector 90° 
  • Lift-out from and lowering down into the pit with a chain 

a complete unit consists of: basic pump + pedestal ring + hose connector 90°

ER4-T Installation B, Standard-Installation

  • With sliding guide and discharge connector 
  • Lift-out from and lowering down into the pit with a chain 
  • When lowering down into the pit the pump connects automatically to the discharge pipe at the bottom of the pit. 

a complete unit consists of: basic pump + discharge connector B + guide bars according matching pit
depth + optionally hose, hose connector and wall duct

ER4-T Installation C, Installation with a sliding guide using a hoisting post

The pump can also be used as a jetter to stir up the slurry: Lift up the pump up with the winch at the hoisting post and turn it around. To get back to "pumping mode" simply lower the pump down again and recouple it onto the discharge connector. An alternative to the pedestal ring is a limit stop at the bottom of the hoisting post. 

a complete unit consists of: basic pump + pedestal ring + sliding guide + discharge connector

ER4-T Installation D, Installation In Lagoons

The pump is installed on a frame to be placed on the lagoon bottom. To prevent damages to the lagoon foil two old tires are filled up with concrete and mounted under the frame. The frame is equipped with a support for a wooden beam. 

a complete unit consists of: basic pump + frame D + upper support

Typical Fields of Application

  • filling of slurry tankers 
  • flushing 
  • intertank transfers 
  • lagoon discharge 
Technical Specification
motor nominal power choice out of 3 different submersible motors with 15kW; 18.5kW and 22kW
protection class IP68
rated speed 1450 rpm
operating voltage 400V 3~, 50Hz
flange connection at outlet square MZ-type flange 180x180
sealing 2x carbon silicide mechanical seal inside the volute and the oil chamber
oil qty 3,5ltrs.
lubrication oil HLP 46
temperature control probe
leakage control sonsor measuring resistance oil-water
volute cast iron
motor housing cast iron
impeller and intake ring steel, matching drive power, with tungsten carbide edges
bolts stainless steel
sliding guide stainless steel
Standard Delivery
  • Without starter (please order motor starters separately) 
  • Without hose 
  • Without tires 
  • Without wood truss 
Basic Unit ER4-T O Order No
15 kW submersible motor 68-78-200
18.5 kW submersible motor 68-78-250
22 kW submersible motor 68-78-300
Installation Equipment
Installation Equipment Installation Order No
pedestal ring A+C 68-99-210
hose connector 90° A 68-10-152
discharge connector B 68-99-220
hose connector 90° B 68-99-221
stainless guide bars 2 m B 68-99-222
stainless guide bars 4 m B 68-99-224
stainless chain per m A+B+D 68-99-260
sliding guide 100x100 C 68-99-230
discharge connector C 68-99-240
frame for lagoon installation D 68-99-250
upper support D 68-99-251

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