Specification lagoon discharge pump ER2-S

ER2-type centrifugal slurry pump to be powered with PTO-shaft with a carriage to pull down into a lagoon on the slope.
Carriage with drawbar to be connected to tractor lower linkage. An even ramp leading up to the crest of the lagoon is needed to back the pump and tractor against the edge of the lagoon.
Being connected to the linkage of the tractor the pump is backed against the edge of the lagoon (1). With the winch the carriage wheels are moved out to lift the whole carriage and enable an easy traverse of the lagoon crest (2 – the carriage in moved out position). Move the pump slowly with the tractor over the edge down the slope of the lagoon (3). In the final position lower down the carriage again so the pump inlet is near the lagoon bottom (4). 

If the deflection of the pump to the PTO-shaft is small, a standard cardan shaft can be used, otherwise a wide-angle cardan shaft is needed. If the cardan shaft is too long, the carriage needs to be decoupled from the tractor linkage. Prior to this a sturdy anchorage has to be installed at the edge of the lagoon to keep the pump from accidentally rolling down into the lagoon. 

The pump is equipped with a special non-blocking valve plate to switch between the two possible operations of pumping or mixing. Use the agitation nozzle to stir up the surrounding area in front of the pump inlet before pumping. 

The carriage is equipped with pneumatic tires to protect the lagoon foil.

Typical fields of application

  • mobile pump for use at lagoons

Standard delivery

  • ER2-S for lagoons with carriage 
  • with winch cable pull
carriage galvanized steel
joints stainless steel
cable pull stainless steel
Technical Specification
carriage with pneumatic tires
gauge 0.90 - 1.30 m
bolt diameter for lower linkage 28.7 mm
ER2-S with lagoon carriage
ER2-S with lagoon carriage   Order No
standard length 6.00 m 68-19-620
special length 7.50 m 68-19-621

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