Hoisting Post and Platform Specifications

For best installation of submersible pumps or mixers, a guide-bar is available. Use guide-bar systems together with lifting equipment for easy access for inspection and service. The guide bar system or hoisting post is installable in open pits and tanks. Available in combination with miscellaneous mounting equipment to adapt to different installation situations. The guide bar with the lifting device is pivot-mounted and can be locked at the designated angular position. The Hoisting post is equipped with a self-impeding winch to lift up or lower down the pump or mixer. 

A concreted floor in the tank is mandatory. When the tank or pit is already in use and filled, it is possible to use a spike instead of a bottom bearing. 

A sufficient number of cable retainers (one retainer each 80cm) prevent the electric cable from getting into the rotating parts of the pump or mixer (impeller/propeller). 

Platforms and ladder to be mounted at the top edge are available for elevated tanks to ease the operation of the hoisting post. Advise is to remove the ladder when not used to hinder unauthorized access to the platform.

Typical Fields of Application

  • lifting or lowering of submersible mixers/pumps in open pits and tanks 
platform steel, galvanized
hoisting post stainless or galvanized steel
Technical Specification
square pipe 100x100
Hoisting Post Set, Galvanized
Hoisting Post Set, Galvanized Order No
hoisting post incl. winch and 12 m of stainless steel cable 68-19-070
pivoting handle 68-19-071
upper mount A 68-19-072
upper mount B 68-19-073
upper mount C 68-19-074
square pipe, length 5 m 68-19-075
square pipe extra length per m, from 5 m 68-19-076
bottom bearing 68-19-077
spike 68-19-078
bottom stopper 68-19-079
Hoisting Post Set, Stainless steel
Hoisting Post Set, Stainless steel Order No
hoisting post incl. winch and 12 m of stainless steel cable 68-19-120
pivoting handle 68-19-121
upper mount A 68-19-122
upper mount B 68-19-123
upper mount C 68-19-124
square pipe, length 5 m 68-19-125
square pipe extra length per m, from 5 m 68-19-126
bottom bearing 68-19-127
spike 68-19-128
bottom stopper 68-19-129
Additional Equipment
stainless steel cable extra length per m, from12 m 68-19-140
cable retainer 1 pc. 68-10-141
Platform and Ladder
platform 0.50 x 0.80 x 1.00 68-18-210
ladder 68-18-211

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