Gate Valves

Simple plastic gate valves for PVC pipes
plastic galte valve for PVC-pipe Order No
plastic gate valve 100 68-15-080
plastic gate valve 150 68-15-081
plastic gate valve 200 68-15-082

with a PVC socket each side to connect to a PVC sleeve. 

industrial style gate valves - specification
industry-style shut-off valve Bestell-Nr.
shut-off valve DIN-flange 200 68-15-100
shut-off valve DIN-flange 250 68-15-102
shut-off valve DIN-flange 300 68-15-104

Gate valves in industrial design, with cast-iron housings, adjustable gland and brushed and polished blade (stainless steel).
Connetion flanges in all sizes according to DIN 2633 (PN16). The industry-style shut-off valves are suited for water applications and are water-tight.

Typical Fields of Application

  • pipeworks at waste-water treatment plants 
  • pipeworks at fermentation systems 
  • security (fallback) shut-off valves with big diameter (300) installed in the feed pipe to AR or L pumps 
heavy duty shut-off valves for agricultural applications
Agri-style shut-off valve Order No
heavy duty shut-off valve with manual lever for pipe diam. 300 68-15-200
heavy duty shut-off valve with handwheel for pipe diam. 300 68-15-201

Agri-style heavy duty shut-off valves. With connectors for KG-pipe 300 (both sides). Made from cast iron. Available either with manual lever or handwheel for stem/spindle operation.

Typical Fields of Application

  • As a slurry shut-off valve in agricultural applications or at fermentation sites.
brass valves / slurry valves
brass slurry valves connection size Order No
brass shut-off valve flange 5" 68-15-002
brass shut-off valve thread to flange 5" 68-15-001
brass shut-off valve thread 5" 68-15-000
brass shut-off valve flange 6" 68-15-012
brass shut-off valve thread to flange 6" 68-15-011
brass shut-off valve thread 6" 68-15-010
Accessories for brass valves Order No
manual lever for 5" brass valve 68-15-009
manual lever for 6" brass valve 68-15-019
connection adapter flange to PVC-pipe 140 68-15-430
connection adapter flange to PVC-pipe 160 68-15-431
rubber flat seal for square flange 69-34-201

Shut-off valves made from brass, available with two different connections: Either default square flange size 180x180mm or with inner thread.
Also available: manual levers to open or close the valve as well as connection adapters to go from square-flange to PVC pressure pipe.

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