Hydraulic motor pump

Specification: sludge and slurry pump ER4-H driven by an hydraulic motor

ER4-type centrifugal sludge and slurry pump driven by an hydraulic motor suited for flexible use in different environments and application areas. 

The ER4-H pump is by default equipped with a special chopper impeller with intake screw and tungsten carbide edges. Organic fibres are cut between the impeller and intake ring. 

The pump is equipped with a mounting frame and it can be attached to the beam of an excavator, a concrete pump, a frontloader beam or the beam of a larger slurry tanker. This way the pump is adaptable to a lot of different applications and usage situations. 

The nominal rotation speed is at 1500-1700 rpm. The hydraulic motor is to be adjusted to this speed at runtime. The available impeller sizes require about 7.5kW up to approx. 40kW drive power at nominal speed (hydraulic motor load).

Typical Fields of Application

  • for contractors the ER4-H pump delivers a high flow high power pump solution to discharge slurry, biogas digestate or sludges from different types of tanks and containers 
  • for landscape construction and horticulture applications to empty pits and ditches of sludges and drain water 
  • to support an accelerated filling of tankers (the ER4-H - the real turbofill pump) 
Technical Specification
hydraulic motor axial piston motor
displacement 80.4 cc
maximum pressure rating (motor) max. 480 bar
pressure rating (motor) 420 bar
maximum speed (pump) max. 1700 rpm
maximum flow displacement (motor) max. 426 l/min
continous flow displacement (motor) 386 l/min
gross weight 220 kg
volute grey cast iron
impeller and intake ring steel, matching drive power, with tungsten carbide edges
bolts stainless steel
casing pipe hot-dip galvanized steel
mounting frame stainless steel
pedestal ring stainless steel
Standard delivery
  • including hydraulic motor 
  • including mounting frame 
  • without hydraulic hoses 
  • without hydraulic connectors 
  • without fastening material 
  • to order please include: basic unit ER4-H pump + pipe coupler 
basic unit slurry pump ER4-H Order No
with impeller 7.5 kW 68-74-100
with impeller 11.0 kW 68-74-150
with impeller 15.0 kW 68-74-200
with impeller 18.5 kW 68-74-250
with impeller 22.0 kW 68-74-300
with impeller 30.0 kW 68-74-350
with impeller 40.0 kW 68-74-400

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